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The application of the single chain cold draw bench
- Nov 18, 2017 -

The cold draw bench can be divided into single chain cold draw bench and double chain cold draw bench according to the transmission characteristics.


The single chain cold draw bench is mainly used to draw copper or aluminum pipes and bars, so as to get the desired size of finished products. The advantages are novel structure, reliable use and high production efficiency. Moreover, the imported frequency changer is used for speed regulation to improve the working performance of the equipment.


Single chain cold draw bench has a lot of applications, but it is more common in cold drawn tube. And it is made by the tube diameter expansion and multi-pass cold drawing of the hollow billet or raw material tube. The tonnage of the cold draw bench is within the range of 0.5 to 100tons.


The important part of the single chain cold draw bench is the chain. So we should pay attention to protecting it. And the chain structure should be improved, the clearance between the chain plate, the pin shaft and the roller, and the lubrication conditions of the chain should be adjusted, so that the chain has good use performance and effect, and at the same time, it can prolong the service life.