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The basic composition of double chain cold drawing bench and its application advantages
- Nov 03, 2018 -

Since the diameter of materials commonly used in the market is as high as Φ160, it is obvious that the combined drawing machine can no longer meet the demand in the market, and a double-chain cold drawing machine is developed at this time. The double-chain cold drawing machine replaces the cam drive with a chain drive, thus eliminating the limitation of the cam transmission force. And it is more stable than a single-chain drawing machine, and it can transmit more force.


Double chain cold drawing bench includes two-way unwinding machine, coarse straightening machine, double-stranded stretching machine, precision leveling machine, hydraulic shearing machine, transition material table, vertical two-roller machine, receiving rack and other components; The drawing machine uses the mold control, and the metal wire is clamped by the pneumatic clamping device, so that not only the drawing speed is uniform, but also no vibration occurs during the operation of the device. Therefore, the finished product processed by the double-chain cold drawing machine has good gloss, high dimensional accuracy, and the device has good practicability.


The main chain of the double-chain cold drawing machine is one chain on the bilateral side, the middle is unloaded, the drawing car is connected with the chain at all times, and the reciprocating movement of the car is returned or pulled by the reciprocating movement of the chain, completely eliminating the chain hook type car. Disadvantages; equipment structure is I-beam steel frame gantry type, the structure is complex and huge, because it is three simultaneous drawing, the strength of the fuselage is high.


Because the chain of the double chain cold drawing bench is reciprocating, it is required to have the ability of sudden stop and sudden rise. Therefore, the main power is equipped with a high-power DC motor equipped with a DC controller, and is also equipped with a brake device and a buffer device; It is very demanding and must be installed in concrete foundation and anchor bolts.