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The characteristics of seamless steel tube cold drawing machine and its workflow
- Jan 05, 2019 -

The seamless steel tube cold drawing machine is a backward type core rod device, and uses a ring hole shape to carry out cold rolling process equipment for the waste pipe. The machine has good blanking performance and can also roll ordinary non-ferrous metal seamless pipes. The most important feature of the cold-rolled pipe mill is the high material utilization rate, and the precision and surface roughness are superior to the cold drawn pipe.


Not only that, the seamless steel tube cold drawing machine has higher concentricity than the steel pipe of the general pipe expanding machine; the structure is simple, the manufacturing is convenient; the equipment foundation is simple; the stepless speed regulation. The utility model is characterized in that a preliminary rolling head and a finishing rolling head are arranged in series on a rolling line, and the active crank shaft and the passive crank shaft are driven by the connecting rod to reciprocate in opposite directions, and the crank is arranged on both sides or in the middle arrangement. Rolling process.


When the seamless steel tube cold drawing machine is operated, the capillary tubes are bundled and hung to the loading platform, and the feeding device is automatically taken according to the drawing mode and put into the cold-drawing machine wearing the rod platform, and the penetrating device automatically inserts the steel pipe to be cold-drawn into the core. The rod, the mandrel table is lowered, the mandrel and the steel tube are simultaneously advanced to the pipe-receiving station, and the car clamp jaws are clamped to clamp the steel pipe head protruding from the die hole, and the trolley is started at a low speed-high-speed drawing-low-speed pipe-out, and the terminal is finished. After that, the dialing force disappears, the lower arm swings out, and the trolley is returned to the original position at high speed to carry out the next clamping.