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The classification forms and straightening efficiency of the profiled straightening machine
- Dec 14, 2017 -

The profiled straightening machine is a device for straightening black metal profiles and non-ferrous metal profiles. The profiled straightening machine changes straightness by extruding the profile through a straightening roller. Profile straightening machine of metal processing enterprises is mostly operate standalone, used for outside sizing straightening I-beam, U-steel, angle steel, railroad rail, square steel, round steel and other profiles. Large steel works by arranging different forms of profiled straightening machines, after repeated elastic-plastic bending deformation, eliminate the original curvature, make it straight, which is conducive to improve the quality of profiles.

There are many classification forms of profiled straightening machines. According to the pitch, it can be divided into constant pitch and variable pitch. According to the different arrangement of roller profile, it can be divided into roller profile straightening machine and roll staggering profile straightening machine. According to the placement form, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical profile straightening machine. According to the function, it can be divided into profile pressure straightening machine, aluminum profile roller straightening machine, round section profile straightening machine and roll profile straightening machine.

The profiled straightening machine is a kind of parallel roller straightening machine. Such a device is a straightening device which is continuously and repeatedly bent. It overcomes the defect of intermittent operation of the pressure straightener, and improves the straightening efficiency by multiple times.

Most modern the profiled straightening machines will adopt the cantilever construction, such structure roller replacement is easy and easy to operate. The adjustment of the whole equipment is very flexible. Such straightening machine commonly uses the roll spacing and roll number to represent the specifications and performance.