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The main composition and structure of seven roll straightening machine
- Sep 28, 2017 -

First of all, let's take a look at the main structure of the seven roll straightening machine. The whole unit is mainly composed of loading platform, straightening machine body and discharge mechanism, etc., but also with the corresponding electronic control, hydraulic, lubrication and cooling systems. So seven roll straightening machine equipment mainly show what kind of characteristics?

Some users in the actual work, and sometimes encounter the workpiece head and tail there are more serious bending problems. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, to further enhance the straightening accuracy of seven roll straightening machine, the device in particular the use of quasi-hyperbolic and deep concave composite roller system, this way, for the straightening work to provide a reliable guarantee The

In the process of correcting the workpiece with a seven roll straightening machine, it is not only necessary to achieve a certain amount of pressure in order to complete the correction, but also to minimize the possible negative impact on the equipment. So in the design process, the special use of the principle of constant pressure on the roll, but also variable rigid frame into a flexible rack, so that you can meet the above requirements.

In addition, in fact, seven roll straightening machine is equipped with the main drive system DC motor, so during the operation to achieve stepless speed regulation requirements, but also provide speed, current balance system. These controls are implemented through the PLC system, the user at the time of operation, you can manually adjust, you can also set to automatically adjust. This shows that this is conducive to achieving full range of automated production goals, more suitable for straightening process needs.

Finally, the seven roll straightening machine at work, where the roll gap can be adjusted by electric, and its specific circumstances can be displayed through the figures, the whole system is not only very sensitive and reliable, and easy to operate, easy to maintain.

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