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The Operating Principle and Main Features of Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine
- Jul 08, 2017 -

In a large number of wire drawing machine equipment, horizontal wire drawing machine is one of the more special equipment. There must be a lot of Oh is also interested in the equipment, the following we will tell you about the main content of the device, hoping to deepen the understanding of the device. For horizontal wire drawing machine, its work mainly includes three links: the line, drawing and take the line.

Here we first come to understand its line of the process. In fact, for horizontal wire drawing machine equipment, the pay-off link is a relatively important part, although its control is not too high accuracy requirements. And in the actual process of laying off the line, most of the equipment can actually drive the pay-off frame through the inverter to achieve the line. And even some are dual-frequency control system.

The second part is the drawing process. Throughout the process, this link is the most important part. In the operation of horizontal wire drawing machine equipment, for different metal materials, as well as different varieties and requirements of silk, we need to follow the different requirements to carry out. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality and efficiency of the drawing products.

The last link is the line link. Compared to the first two links, the speed of the line will directly affect the entire drawing machine production efficiency, and this is the most difficult part of the whole system control. For the horizontal drawing machine equipment, in the process of taking the line, we can choose according to the need for synchronous control or tension control in two ways to achieve the winding of metal products.

Above the main for everyone simply introduced on the horizontal wire drawing machine equipment, the main operating principle, and its performance characteristics. I believe that after the study of these content, friends for the horizontal drawing machine equipment to understand more comprehensive.

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