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The operation and use of stainless steel pipe drawing machine
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Stainless steel pipe drawing machine belongs to the high-precision grinding equipment in the rain. In the process of running, the upper and lower grinding discs rotate in the opposite direction, and the workpieces move in the carrier as a star movement which is both revolution and rotation so as to achieve a good polishing effect. The stainless steel pipe drawing machine is mainly composed of the basic components such as the base, the disc, the polishing fabric, the polishing cover and the cover, and the motor is fixed on the base.


In the operation of the stainless steel pipe drawing machine, one of the key points is to think about the maximum polishing rate in order to remove the damage layer produced when polishing. It should also be noted that polishing the damaged layer does not affect the final observation of the tissue, ie it does not cause false tissue. Therefore, the former needs to use coarser abrasives to ensure that there is a greater polishing rate to remove the polished damage layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deeper.


The latter, on the other hand, recommends the use of very fine materials that make the polishing damage layer shallower, but the polishing rate is smaller. If you want to solve this problem, then the most effective method is to divide polishing into two phases. For stainless steel wire drawing machine equipment, the purpose of rough casting is to remove the polishing damage layer, this stage should have the maximum polishing rate, the surface layer damage caused by rough casting is the main consideration, but it should also be as small as possible.


In the process of polishing, the main purpose is to eliminate the surface damage that occurs during the rough process, thus minimizing polishing damage. The stainless steel pipe drawing machine has high working efficiency and simple operation, and is suitable for non-professional employees to operate. The material selection is not limited by the complexity and hardness of the work, and is mainly used to complete the polishing process from rough shaping to mirror finishing.


At present, the application range of stainless steel pipe drawing machines is more and more extensive. The industries involved include hardware, electroplating, steel-wood furniture, standard parts, auto parts and hydraulic transmission manufacturing industries. The stainless steel pipe drawing machine is mainly used for the polishing of the cylindrical surfaces of various shafts, rods, and fittings. It is suitable for precision polishing of workpieces after lathe machining.