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The specific types, outstanding advantages and tonnage comparison of the double chain cold draw bench
- Nov 21, 2017 -

The double chain cold draw bench is mainly composed of main motor, drive chain, reducer and bidirectional transmission shaft. In addition, there are two single chain cold draw benches installed side by side. Replace the one-way transmission shaft with a bidirectional transmission shaft and drive two  cold draw benches simultaneously without increasing the load. Thus to reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency.


The discharging way of the double chain cold draw bench aggregates in the lathe bed, which makes the lathe bed structure of the cold draw bench simplified, and makes the equipment floor area reduced. Therefore it can be used conveniently. The chain action is that two chains are on the same bed, and together drive a drawing trolley to work, so as to drive the trolley go forward and return through the chain reciprocating motion.


The outstanding advantages of the double chain cold draw bench

1. It can realize the automation and mechanization of loading, unloading and material receiving, and shorten the operation time, speed up drawing speed, and then reduce the labor intensity of operators.

2. The drawing center line and the chain tension line of the drawing machine are basically coincident, which makes the drawing process stable, so that the work noise of equipment can be reduced and the finished product quality is ensured. In addition, the chain size specifications are relatively small, so as to facilitate the maintenance work.