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The specification selection and straightening mode of the beam straightening machine
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Beam rolling enterprises, generally complete the straightening through the beam straightening machine. But there are deformed steel bars, angle iron, U-steel an I-steel leaving the factory without straightening. The straightening and bending of the beam straightening machine are two opposite processed, but their deformation mechanism is same.

In order to straighten the steel, the elastic characteristics of the metal need to be understood. Usually, the elastic limit size of different metals is different, that is, elastic deformation is accompanied by plastic deformation. In the past, in the production of straightening, people realized the existence of elasticity and also summed up the "overcorrect" rule, which is the basic principle of straightening operation.

In the use of the beam straightening machine, make the merchant steel completely enter the water as much as possible. Increase the scene ventilation to ensure that the temperature of the merchant steel entering water is less than 400 ℃. The water cooling time should not be too long, because the flange is in the process of tension-compression-stretching and the web plate is the process of compression-stretching-compression. The long time cooling will cause the larger side bending and the appearance of the lower bending and upper bending.

The beam straightening machine, such as H250 × 250 specification, the pace is 560 mm, the water quantity in each district is 20%, 30%, 60%, 90%, 100%. This cooled merchant steel is basically straight, laying a good foundation for straightening. Water control is also the focus of our future summary. Often observe the gap between the vertical roller and merchant steel, make accurate adjustment.

The straightening method should be confirmed in the section beam straightening machine, because when straightening under large pressure, the flange of the merchant steel will change, and produce metal flow, so that the reasonable tension compression of the two flanges can be used to straighten the side bending. When the torsion occurs, we will see that the head of the merchant steel straightening machine is obviously swinging violently when it is out of the beam straightening machine. And the torsion can obviously be seen after straightening.

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