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The structural requirement and primary member of the hydraulic cold drawing machine
- Nov 02, 2017 -

From the frame structure, the hydraulic cold drawing machine innovatively connects the lathe bed, drawing base and tailstock into the whole. Exert certain prestress when there is no load, so that it can produce a trace of elastic deformation. The hydraulic cold drawing machine is driven by full hydraulic. The hydraulic system uses the cartridge valve manifold block to work. The drawing speed can be adjusted in a wide range to achieve stepless speed regulation.

The hydraulic cold drawing machine is very flexible and convenient in the operation. It not only eliminates the original contact clearance, but also greatly improves the overall stiffness and precision of the frame. The force of the frame is even, improving the reliability of the frame structure.

The main components of the prestress type hydraulic cold drawing machine are master cylinder, clamping trolley, drawing frame, loading& unloading mechanism, feeding system, core rod system, and hydraulic station. The drawn-car is supported by two I-shaped lead rails and is driven by the master cylinder, running along the I-shaped lead rail. The  master cylinder and drawn-car can have axial restraint with the small car body by the adjustable open fraction piston.

When drawing the steel pipe, the hydraulic cold drawing machine first needs to put the core rod into the inner hole of the pipe, then install the core head, and then push the steel pipe which has been put on the core head to pull out the drawing base. When using, it is necessary to start the FFZ cylinder, make the screw die clamp the steel pipe. The drawn-car is in the starting position, and the master cylinder starts drawing.

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