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The transmission and application performance of the steel rolling mill
- Nov 07, 2017 -

The steel rolling mill is mainly composed of cantilever frames with suspended roll ring. A rolling mill stand with double support roll ring adjustment units is provided in the cogging mill column, the intermediate  or finishing mill columns. The CL rack adjustment unit of the steel rolling mill with the suspension roll collar can be replaced by the adjustment unit with double support roll ring.

The second bearing of the steel rolling mill adjustment unit is located in a bow clip that can be engaged with the CL rack transmission clamping frame. The roll collar with an automatic control, preferably is installed and dismantled with a hydraulic quick fixture, which is clamped and relaxed axially and radially by the piston - cylinder unit on the shaft.

The type and size of the finished or semi-finished mill should be selected according to the requirements of the varieties, specifications, quality and output of the steel rolling mill, and should be equipped with necessary auxiliary, lifting transport and accessory equipment, and then be selected in balance according to the requirements of various factors.

The development trend of the current steel rolling mill is serialization, automation, specialization, high quality of products and low consumption. In the use, it will make the performance of hot and cold rolling mill, heavy plate mill, high speed wire rolling mill, H bar and shape mill and continuous tube rolling mills and other performance more perfect, and the rolling speed up to 115 meters per second wire mill, all continuous cold-strip mill, 5500 mm wide plate mill and continuous H bar and shape mill and a series of advanced equipment have appeared.

The material single weight of the rolling mill increases, the hydraulic AGC, shape control, electronic computer program control and test means are more and more perfect, rolling varieties are expanding. Some new rolling methods, such as continuous casting and rolling, control rolling, etc., and the rolling mills to meet the new product quality requirements and improve economic benefits are developed.

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