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The use and structural characteristics of metal rolling machine
- Jan 31, 2019 -

There are two types of metal rolling machine: cold rolling and hot rolling. Hot rolling is mainly used for blanking, and a section of steel is produced. The mill has models of 630-650 mill, 500-550 mill and 2300 medium mill. Cold rolling is mainly used for ultimate rolling. There are many products for rolling strip steel, and representative cold-rolled strip steel products are metal-plated sheet deep-drawing sheets, electrical silicon steel sheets, stainless steel and layer steel sheets. It also promotes the development of equipment and control technology for cold rolling mills in a higher direction.


The metal rolling mill adopts a three-roll working machine seat, the main motor is irreversible, and the middle and upper rolls and the middle and lower rolls alternately pass through the steel to realize multi-pass rolling. Since the steering and speed of the rolls are irreversible, a low-speed, high-speed AC main motor can be used in the transmission with a reducer and a gear base.


Considering that the first stand is short, the number of rolling times is large, and the load is very uneven. In order to balance the motor load and reduce the capacity of the motor, a flywheel is added between the reducer and the motor. Most of the 300 type metal rolling machine require open and rolled parts, which have the characteristics of multi-purpose machine. Therefore, the rolling mill urgently needs strong capacity and requires strong rigidity. Moreover, due to the frequent need to change the varieties, the structure of the rolling mill needs to be considered. Roller change is convenient.