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The use of reinforcing steel bar pointing machine features use
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Steel bar pointing machine in the use of the main metal wire is a sharp change in the pressure of the rolling machine, the main structure of the device for the roller deceleration gear, often used in conjunction with the metal wire drawing equipment used.

steel bar pointing machine end of the raw material needs to go through its rolling tip rolling small drawing die hole, can be carried out, drawing processing materials. Sharp-tip machine for rolling metal wire rod, through the use of the first model. Pull the head before the rolling operation. In the process of using copper, aluminum, wire drawing equipment auxiliary equipment. The machine from the roll, slow transmission components.

steel bar pointing machine is mainly used for the processing of ferrous metal wire and non-ferrous metal materials when used. Such equipment is ancillary products for the wire drawing industry, and the group should be used for rolling work before drawing of various metal wires.

steel bar pointing machine in the use of its main features are compact and smooth transmission and reliable, small size and safe use of the equipment, convenience, low noise, high efficiency and easy maintenance of the entire equipment and so on, is a variety of metal wire Required equipment for processing.