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The use performance and principle of steel tube straightening machine
- May 05, 2018 -

The so-called steel tube straightening machine mainly refers to the equipment for straightening the steel pipe and the like. In the straightening process, the steel pipe straightening machine mainly uses a straightening roller to press the steel pipe to change the straightness. That is to say, the pre-deformation of the straightening wheel is mainly used, and then the wire straightening is achieved through the high-speed rotation of the spinning cylinder through the spinning cylinder.


For example, a steel tube straightening machine is mainly used for straightening steel pipes with diameters ranging from 133 to 385. The main components of the equipment include: upper rack assembly, lower rack assembly, uprights, upper roll assembly, lower roll assembly, and reducer. The straightening machine is a six-roll vertical inclined roller pipe straightening machine, and the roller arrangement is 2-2-2 type. The straightening roller is driven, and the six rollers are divided into upper and lower rows and obliquely placed in two rows, that is, at an angle with the centerline of the straightened pipe principle, three rollers above and three rollers below.


The specific straightening process can be summarized as follows: When the pipe is bitten into, it will simultaneously rotate and advance the movement, forming repeated deformation to achieve the purpose of straightening the pipe. The upper and lower racks of the pipe straightening machine are welded parts, and are connected by six columns, thereby forming a post frame structure, which is convenient for observation and adjustment. The straightening rollers are respectively mounted on the roller holders, and then are fixed on the slides of the upper and lower frames with screws, and the angle of the rollers can be changed according to the diameter of the straightening pipe.


It should be noted that in the process of adjusting the steel pipe straightener, the bolt needs to be loosened first, and the tightening should be performed immediately after the adjustment. The three straightening rollers on the upper frame are driven by a 3KW AC motor through a worm reducer with a speed ratio of 46 to drive the T180x8 screw to move up and down.


In addition, in the middle of the lower frame of the steel pipe straightening machine, the straightening roller disposed therein is used to adjust the up and down movement of the sliding seat in the form of a gasket. The advantage of this structural design is that it is easy to maintain, and it is more convenient for the adjustment of the pipe straightener.