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The working mode and specific process of Single chain pulling draw bench
- Jan 24, 2019 -

The single-chain cold drawing table is suitable for the stretching processing equipment of the metal pipe (rod). The working mode is that the one end of the material is reduced by the shrinking head (indenter), and the hand is held by the hand into the center of the drawing machine. In the frame shape, after the pneumatic clamping, the chain hook hooks the chain to pull out. When drawing, the vibration of the body is required to be small, the drawing speed is even and stable, and the best precision of the finished product after stretching is obtained, and the uniform surface of the finished product is smooth and good. Quality, usually after stretching to meet the above objectives.


When the single-chain cold drawing table is drawn, the working process is that the vise on the trolley clamps one end of the steel pipe, and the tail hook of the trolley hooks one end of the chain inner chain plate. Under the driving of the driving wheel, the drawn steel pipe is made in one direction. Straight motion until the steel pipe is pulled out, the tail hook of the car is automatically unhooked.


The inner chain plate enters the gap between the two teeth of the pentagonal wheel; when the driving wheel rotates, one end of the inner chain plate first meshes with one tooth of the pentagonal wheel, and then the other tooth and the inner chain of the pentagonal wheel The other end of the plate is engaged, and under heavy load, the pentagonal wheel pushes the other end of the inner chain plate forward.