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Three aspects to pay attention to the maintenance of cold rolling mill
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The cold rolling mill is a relatively advanced mechanical equipment in the ribbed steel industry. However, if you want to make the cold rolling mill work longer and the equipment has a longer service life, some careful maintenance is essential. First of all, the friction between the parts of the cold rolling mill is essential to the lubrication. The lubricating oil can mainly be used for lubrication, cleaning and cooling. Therefore, the customer should regularly check the oil quantity of the cold rolling mill oil. And add according to the standard.


Secondly, the cold rolling mill replacement rolls and new bearings have to be installed and installed. In fact, the dimensions of the rolls and bearings have a certain tolerance range. Therefore, the size of the standard rolls and bearings must be checked when replacing the rolls and bearings. Rolls and bearings are used together. Only such rigorous replacement and installation can ensure that the new rolls will create greater value for customers under the drive of cold rolling mills.


In addition, grinding cold rolling mill rolls requires professional operation. Because the grinding roller is a very difficult job, because the technology of the roller is very difficult to master, the roller is not easy to meet the technical requirements. For this reason, some repair unions will increase the contact area between the roller and the component when changing the roller. Grinding with an abrasive cloth is not recommended in the actual maintenance process.