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Two-roll precision straightening machine features
- Jan 13, 2018 -

(1) In the two-roller precision straightening machine, there is loading and unloading system, and there is a certain degree of planning and protection measures to improve the safety of equipment, and to ensure the safety of workers.

(2) The hydraulic power station of its hydraulic station is a piston pump, and adopts overload and unloading. In this way, the equipment can be prevented from being overloaded and at the same time, it can effectively play the role of packing and buffering.

(3) its DC motor, using the Promise speed, and the roll gap in the use of electric adjustment, so that you can have a good sensitivity, and at the same time, in the operation and maintenance, is very simple and convenient.

(4) two-roll precision straightening machine, if the use of concave and convex roll, then, is a roll-shaped curve, and in the above, a rolling zone and the transition zone.