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Types of the cold draw bench machine
- Nov 16, 2017 -

Type 1: Steel bar cold draw bench machine

The steel bar cold draw bench machine can be divided into three separate and frame types according to the structure of the lathe bed. According to the transmission mode, it can be divided into chain, screw, rack and hydraulic transmission.

The cold draw bench in the steel bar cold draw bench machine is supported by two I-shaped guide rails and driven by the main oil cylinder. In this way, the drawn-car can be used to run along the I-shaped guide rails. In the drawing of the steel pipe, through a series of movements of the drawn-car, smooth blanking and other work can be finished. Thus, the steel bar can achieve the desired size and specifications. And in the tensile strength, it also can be improved.


Type2: Seamless steel bar cold draw bench machine

At present, from the domestic use situation, seamless steel bar cold draw bench machine is mostly mechanical, and it uses the reducer and chain for transmission, traction and drawing. Because the tonnage of the equipment is relatively large, and is not low in the cost, so there is a certain limit on the accuracy of the extraction system.


Type 3: Minor-caliber seamless steel bar cold draw bench machine

There are some differences between this kind of cold draw bench machine and ordinary seamless steel bar cold drawing machine. The minor-caliber seamless steel pipe is a steel pipe with hollow section and without seams. Also, there are differences in the production steps and processes.


Type 4: Long oil cylinder hydraulic cold draw bench machine

The traction and drawing of the long oil cylinder hydraulic type cold draw bench machine is accomplished through the long oil cylinder. This kind of cold drawing machine covers a large area. Moreover, the manufacture and maintenance of the long oil cylinder is difficult.