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Uniqueness of composite roller system in high precision pipe straightening machine
- Jan 17, 2019 -

In the high-precision pipe straightening machine, a composite roller system combining "quasi-hyperbolic roll shape" and "deep-concave reverse roll shape" is used. Specifically, the biting and biting of the straightening machine is in the form of a quasi-hyperbolic roll, and the intermediate roll is in the form of a deep concave concave roll.


The so-called quasi-hyperbolic roll shape used at both ends of the high-precision pipe straightening machine is a full-contact hyperbolic roll shape, that is, the standard pipe and the roller used in the design can reach full contact, when the pipe specification is different from the standard design pipe. When it is large, it can be adjusted by a small angle to achieve sufficient contact between the pipe and the roller.


Using the optimization method, the roller bevel angle corresponding to the pipe of different specifications is calculated. When the tortage material of different specifications is replaced, the roller bevel angle is adjusted to realize the rapid adjustment of the straightening machine, which improves the productivity and reduces the productivity. Labor intensity, while also improving the quality of straightening.


In the middle of the high-precision pipe straightening machine, a deep and concave concave bending roll shape is used, which is a roller designed and manufactured by a mathematical model, which is used to solve the problem that the roller system cannot be straightened by the reverse bending of the roller system. Practice has proved that the straightening effect is good and there is no squeezing condition, so that the straightening quality can be ensured.