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Use and overall structure of H-beam straightening machine
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The H-beam straightening machine has obvious correction effect. It can correct the steel without fixing the roller and pressing the web. It adopts the upper and lower correcting roller positioning wing to correct the steel, so it overcomes the unevenness of the corrugated steel web. . All the correction rollers of the H-beam straightening machine are made of high-quality alloy steel, and the advanced heat treatment process ensures the long service life of each correction rod.


The overall structure of the H-beam straightening machine is such that its left-wing flange straightening machine is fixed; the right-wing flange straightening machine can be adjusted during travel with the change of the web height; the vertical position of the power roller mechanism can be simultaneously Move in both vertical and horizontal directions to accommodate changes in the height of the H-beam center.


The H-beam straightening machine can move horizontally on the track. When the height of the web changes, the right main machine can complete the correction of the wing during the movement. The H-shaped steel can realize the one-time correction of the double wing without turning over. Because it adopts the hydraulic system as the correcting power, it also realizes the control of high-power line displacement; the needle-speed reducer with large speed ratio and small volume is realized, and the low-speed and smooth transmission is realized.


The workpiece is fed by the conveyor roller to the double flange of the H-beam straightening machine for simultaneous correction, which not only improves the efficiency, but also corrects the non-vertical defects of the smaller A-type and Z-shaped flange plates and webs, and strictly implements the correct and reasonable process. Parametric straightening steel, digital control display calibration, accurate, convenient and reliable.