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Use and product characteristics of horizontal bar straightening machine
- Aug 30, 2018 -

With the advancement of technology, the development of high-strength and large-size rolling bearings has been successful, and the new bearings in horizontal bar straightening machines are capable of withstanding greater straightening forces. Coupled with the acceleration of the production rhythm, it is more important to shorten the roll change time. Therefore, horizontal bar straightening machines will be used in many occasions.


In order to reduce the number and time of roll change, the horizontal bar straightening machine adopts a one-roll multi-wire straightening process, and a combined roller ring is arranged on the straightening roller shaft, and two or more holes are formed on the roller ring. Type, to achieve the purpose of changing the hole without changing the roller; secondly, the connecting rod between the frame column and the upper cover is wedge-iron joint. The upper cover and the column can be quickly disengaged and quickly tightened. In addition, the horizontal bar straightening machine has a relatively large pre-tightening force and reliable operation.


During the operation of the horizontal bar straightening machine, it is only necessary to insert the bar into the position of the second straightening wheel, and jog the motor, the material can automatically enter the corrected track and work normally. Moreover, the change between the different types of bars requires only a slight adjustment of the two screws on the straightening frame, and there is no need to change the pressure roller track.


The horizontal bar straightening machine uses the straightening wheel instead of the straightening block, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment. At the same time, the strain on the bar is minimized, and the processing quality of the product will be significantly improved.