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Welded tube cold drawing machine manufacturing
- Mar 29, 2018 -

During the operation of the welded tube cold drawing machine, the steel pipe drawn by the cold-drawing machine is high in concentricity, and the hydraulic drive runs smoothly during operation, and effectively ensures the drawing force acting line and the axis of the steel pipe, the axis of the inner and outer molds, and the core. The axis of the rod is exactly the same, which improves the accuracy of the product, does not produce radial runout, and has high coaxiality and straightness.

The structure of welded tube cold drawing machine is simple and easy to manufacture. This type of parts is a simple cross section and is easy to process during operation. In addition, the frame of the prestressed frame structure improves the strength, rigidity and bearing capacity of the machine.

The opportunity of welded tube cold drawing machine due to its die base, tailstock and cylinder base is the integration of eight struts and four tie rod assemblies. Under the action of the working load, the pullout force will be closed in the entire frame. The foundation does not bear the working load of the machine, and it only bears the weight of the equipment during the operation, thereby saving a large amount of basic equipment costs.

The stepless speed regulation of the welded tube cold drawing machine adopts the integrated block of the plug-in valve machine during operation, and its drawing speed can be adjusted smoothly in a wide range, and is very much in the process of operation. Flexible and convenient.