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What are the advantages of double chain cold draw bench? How to operate?
- Oct 10, 2017 -

In fact, the double chain cold draw bench and other similar ordinary machinery when compared to its actual performance is still more prominent. In general, double chain cold draw bench in the process of running, it can always maintain a more stable working condition.


In addition, from the structural design considerations, then the role of its pulling force and the core rod line, steel pipe axis and inside and outside the touch axis is exactly the same. The advantage of this design is to lift the radial beating problem, but also can effectively improve the quality of the product. And double chain cold draw bench design and manufacturing are relatively simple. It can be said that its various parts are actually relatively simple section, processing is relatively simple.


Coupled with a special frame structure, can greatly enhance the double chain cold draw bench machine bearing capacity and strength. And the equipment of the mold seat, cylinder seat and tailstock are with four rods and eight tube combination, so, if there is overload operation, then the pull force will be limited to the frame internal. At this time, its foundation will not be subjected to force.


In other words, because of the use of such a structural design, so its foundation only to bear its own weight, not at the same time by other forces. So, this can save a lot of cost. At the same time, in a certain range, the user can adjust their own double chain cold drawing machine according to the need to speed up the operation is more convenient and flexible. So how do you know how to do it?


Simply speaking, in the open double chain cold draw bench before the need to first check it, if necessary, should be properly adjusted. And then open the device as required, run at a lower speed and then slowly accelerate until the specified speed is reached. In the course of operation, if found double chain cold draw bench has abnormal problems, should shut down the equipment to check.


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