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What are the important parts of the metal rolling mill
- Nov 25, 2017 -

The main component parts of the metal rolling mill are:

Working stand: It includes the mill housing, mill roll, bearing, bearing package, workbench, rail chair, roll adjustment device, upper roll balance device and roll changing device.

Mill roll: The main is to make the metal material plastic deformation, so as to complete the rolling work.

Mill roll bearing: It mainly has supporting roller, working roll, and so on. The specific requirement is that the bearing friction coefficient is small, with enough strength and stiffness. In addition, it is also convenient to carry out roll changing work.

Frame:It is mainly used for the installation of the mill roll bearing seat, and the roll adjustment device. Therefore, it needs to have sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand enough rolling force. In the concrete form, there are open type and close type. And, in the specific category of the specific, it is not same.

Rail chair: It is mainly used to install the metal roll mill frame, and fix it on the basis.

Roll adjustment device: It is used to adjust the roll gap and at the same time make the work piece meet the required section size. Among them, the upper roller adjustment device, which is also called the screwdown structure, has manual type, electric type and hydraulic type.

Upper roll balance device: There are some concrete forms in the metal rolling mill, such as spring type, heavy hammer type and hydraulic type. As to choose which kind, it is determined according to the concrete form of the metal rolling mill.