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What are the requirements for designing H beam flange straightening machine?
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The fixture is one of the important components of the H beam flange straightening machine. In order to keep the straightening machine in normal use, the design of the fixture must also meet the relevant requirements. For straightener fixtures, the basic conditions required include space, positioning, precision, retuning, and more.


Since the H beam flange straightening machine is required to be machined with multiple surfaces, there is a requirement for space that is to allow the individual tools on the straightener to be close to the machined surface. In addition, since the pallet of the clamp has movements, lifting, sinking, and rotating, the fixture should also not affect the machine tool.


The general numerical control processing equipment realizes the transformation of the processing object by changing the machining program so as to reduce the time. Therefore, when changing the workpiece, it is required that the H-beam flange straightening fixture also has the function of re-adjusting or changing the positioning clamping component.


The function of the H beam flange straightening fixture is to fix the workpiece and position the workpiece. Therefore, the workpiece should have a positioning function in the fixture, and the base liquid phase of the workpiece should have a strict position for the machine tool origin. The requirement for relative movement of the workpiece and the tool in the machine coordinate system. Considering that the H-beam flange straightening machine has the characteristics of continuous multi-profile automatic machining, the requirements for the straightening fixture are higher than those of other equipment, which can reduce the error.