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What is a steel bar cold drawing, cold-drawing machines, straightening machines, straightening machines
- Feb 15, 2017 -

To save steel, increase reinforced yield strength for the purpose to exceed the yield strength and tensile stress is less than the limit strength of cold-drawn tube extension bars, to produce plastic deformation is known as steel bar cold drawing. 1 cold pull a reinforcement on the applied tensile stress of cold drawn steel deformation can occur (and stress-strain diagram). With the increasing stress, cold-drawing machine | straightening machine | straightener and reinforced to withstand the tensile stress increases. When reinforcement of internal tensile stress exceeds the yield point of steel bar with a, and after reaching c, stopped cold, remove the load. As you can see, reinforced plastic deformation, in the process of unloading, a change in stress-strain diagram, line O1C sustained than the straight line OA.