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What’s the steel cold rolling mill?
- Nov 23, 2017 -

The common types of the steel cold rolling mill are full automatic steel cold rolling mill, spool steel cold rolling mill and vertical steel cold rolling mill. And the steel cold rolling mill is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. It can have a long service life.


The steel cold rolling mill is mainly used to process steel products, such as steel plate and reinforcing bar. If the steel bar is cold rolled, it is to process the hot-rolled wire rod with diameter of 6.5 - 12 mm into cold-rolled ribbed steel bar. The diameter of the finished product is 5 - 12 mm.


The composition of the steel cold rolling mill is the working mechanism and the transmission  gear.

Working mechanism: Rack, roll, roll bearing, roll-separating mechanism, guide device, rolling seat and so on.

Transmission  gear: Pinion housing, reducer, mill roll, coupling spindle, coupling, and so on.


The operational principle of the steel cold rolling mill: Use the motor to drag the material, and use the load bearing roller and working roll in the cold rolling mill to do the rolling work of the material to obtain the expected size of the finished product.


The maintenance of the steel cold rolling mill

1. Before starting the machine, do some inspection work first. The focus is to check the electrical system of the steel cold rolling mill. It is necessary to check whether the equipment can work normally, and whether there is abnormality. If there are some problems, they should be dealt with in a timely manner, rather than allowing equipment to keep working despite illness.


2. Check the oil tank in cold rolling mill, whether the oil level is in the normal range, whether it is necessary to add oil, and whether the oil injection parts have been filled in. In addition, the movement area of the steel cold rolling mill should be checked to ensure whether its fasteners and joints are normal.


3. In the operation process, the ultra performance and ultra range use of the steel cold rolling mill is strictly  prohibited, because this will damage the equipment. In addition, the standard operation should be carried out according to the rolling standard, so as to ensure the rolling effect and product quality, so as to avoid the production of unqualified products, resulting in economic losses.