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Which pipe can be used double chain cold draw bench
- Sep 21, 2017 -

1. Double chain cold draw bench, the specific type of cold-drawn machine, from what angle or aspect of the cold drawing machine to be classified,

Cold-drawn machine, if it is from different angles, or by different criteria for classification, then, there are different types. Therefore, if the transmission characteristics of the points, then the cold-drawn machine is a chain of cold-drawn machine this one, and in the chain of cold-drawn machine, and can be divided into single-chain and double-chain type of these two.

2. In the double chain cold draw bench, whether there is double-stranded stainless steel just composite pipe cold drawn machine this one? And what kind of cold-drawing machine, which is in composition, what?

In the double chain cold draw bench machine, there is a double-stranded stainless steel composite pipe drawing machine this kind of, so, on the question one, the answer is yes. This is a kind of cold drawing machine, or this is a double chain cold drawing machine, its composition, mainly the main motor, transmission chain, reducer and two-way drive shaft of the four, in addition, there are other Some parts or devices. And, it is in the single-chain cold-drawn machine on the basis of the development of the.

3. Cold drawn seamless steel pipe, and small diameter cold drawn tube, these two kinds of pipe, whether it will use the double chain cold draw bench machine?

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe, which in the production process, is cold rolled, cold drawn, or the combination of the two, to get. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, it will be used to pull the machine, and is the use of double chain cold draw bench machine this one. And small caliber cold drawn tube, usually, is in the Double chain cold draw bench machine on the cold drawn, so it will also use this device.

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