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Why choose press table
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Press table at work between the two pivots on the platform activities, and it is supported with the original curved workpieces, reverse bending is carried out by aligning curved place. The same amount if the amount of bending and springback, withdraw the pressure head, curved parts of the workpiece after the variable value. According to this, you can straighten bent parts of the workpiece. To accurately confirm the springback of workpiece and the same amount through small amount of bending is very difficult, so must repeat the straightening bent. And this is why the gag press straightening of the reason efficiency is relatively low. But because the press table work principle is very simple, and in the implementation of straightening is also very convenient to operate the equipment, at the same time, when in straightening a large bar, is generally going to special technical problems for devices, so press table usually used less efficient straightening of stick material, or using large diameter bars straightening.