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Working load and drawing requirements of precision steel tube cold drawing machine
- Nov 13, 2018 -

When drawing a steel pipe, the precision steel tube cold drawing machine needs to first pass the core rod into the inner hole of the pipe, then effectively install the core head, and then push the front end of the steel pipe that has been put on the core into the drafting seat. When in use, the pre-tightening cylinder is started, the die is clamped to the steel pipe, the drawn car is in the starting position, and the main cylinder is started to be drawn. At the same time of drawing, the cylinder is pre-tensioned, and the die is released from the steel pipe fork to push the finished pipe away from the body while the slider moves in the opposite direction, so that the plug quickly withdraws from the pipe for smooth cutting.

The components of the precision steel tube cold drawing machines are simple sections, which are easy to process to a certain extent, and the frame of the prestressed frame increases the strength, rigidity and bearing capacity of the drawing machine. The whole equipment is mainly made up of the cylinder block, the mold base and the tailstock which are connected by eight support pipes and four tie rod assemblies.

Under the action of the working load, the cold drawing machine of the precision steel pipe can effectively close the pulling force in the whole frame, the foundation does not bear the working load of the drawing machine, and only bears the weight of the equipment, thereby saving a large amount of equipment base cost. The hydraulic system is operated by the cartridge valve manifold, and the drawing speed can be smoothly adjusted in a wide range, and the operation is flexible and convenient.