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Working principle and advantages of steel cold rolling mill
- Aug 02, 2018 -

In the process of rolling cold-rolled ribbed steel bars, the steel cold rolling mill can effectively cold-process the warp and weft directions of the base metal at the same time, and improve the resistance while preserving the relative balance and stability of the body in the central section of the original section. At the same time of compressing and compressing, it still retains sufficient elongation properties, which makes the geometric parameters (rolling thickness, section width-to-thickness ratio, surface shrinkage and pitch) of cold-rolled ribbed rolled steel bars and four material indexes (tensile strength). , conditional yield value, elongation and cold bend) can be used for important industrial and civil buildings of the first level of safety, saving steel and reducing construction prices.

The steel cold rolling mill can effectively use the electric motor to drag the steel bar. In operation, the working roller and the load bearing roller of the cold slag machine are mainly used to apply force to both sides of the steel bar, and the two rolls are effectively changed by the same. The size of the gap is achieved by the purpose of rolling out cold-rolled ribbed bars of different diameters.

The load-bearing roller of the steel cold rolling mill is the one closest to the machine base. When the ribbed steel bar is produced, the roller plays the role of lifting the steel bar, and distributes the gravity of the steel bar and the work gravity of the work roll evenly on the bearing. On the roller, so that the lower surface of the steel bar is ribbed.