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Characteristics Of Wheel Lift
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Wheel lift equipment is through the wheel lift car to a certain height, it features support of wheel rail or bracket, can use mobile single-wheel lifting device groups using or fixed lift structure. The advantage is, as long as the track or car lift bracket, or push the mobile single-wheel lifting device to tire, you can carry out lifting operations, so has the characteristics of safe and efficient; the downside is, as support in the wheel of the vehicle and therefore cannot lift directly on the tire and brake warranty work. Wheel maintenance of lifting equipment is mainly used for passenger cars, but the big car use is also very convenient. Frame lifting equipment through the frame or lifting a whole vehicle longitudinal beam, after the lift, automobile tires, front and rear axles, transmission, exhaust systems and suspension all suspension, so you can easily that warranty work will be carried out in a car. Frame lifting devices support mechanism for v-shape, x-or h-shaped loading arm.