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Differential Mechanical Enterprises To Look For A Breakthrough
- Feb 15, 2017 -

China has become the world's largest commodity-producing and exporting countries, while global attention has focused on the fastest, largest and most potential market in China. Although domestic machinery market prospects, such as single-machine automation, stability and reliability, appearance is not beautiful, short life span also makes domestic machinery products such as ridicule. To people in the industry, which in addition to cold-drawing machine, straightening machines and some small cold-drawing machine, straightening machine of a certain size and benefits, and almost no other mechanical system size, especially high demand in the market complete production lines, are several machinery enterprises in the world market (Group) monopoly. China's machinery industry has a vast space, in the industry now faces a new round of restructuring, technology upgrades and product replacement of important moments, domestic enterprises through innovation and depth of digestion, with a pragmatic attitude development and enhanced competitiveness of enterprises, improve the industry structure, market competition, realization of differentiated development.