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Machinery How To Prolong The Life Of Equipment
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Mechanical impurities General refers to of is dust, and soil, non-metallic material and engineering mechanical in using process in the itself produced of some metal chip, and wear product,. | cold pulled machine | school straight machine | straightener | according to determination, lubrication in the mechanical impurities increased to 0.15% Shi, engine first road piston ring of wear speed will than normal big 2.5 times times; scroll axis with into impurities particles Shi, its life will reduced 80%-90%. So, for complex work under bad circumstances, conditions for construction machinery in place, to use a high quality, complete parts and lubricants, grease, blocking the source of harmful impurity; second, we must do the work of mechanical protection, ensure that appropriate institutions are functioning to prevent impurities entering the machinery inside. On the failed machine, as far as possible to normal repair repair places.