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Precision Automatic Tube cold drawing machine
- Mar 05, 2017 -

Cold Drawbench Basic Info
Type:Horizontal Metal Drawing Machine
Usage:Pipe / Bar
Max Drawing Force:600t
Drawing Speed:0-3m/Min
Length of Finished Pipe:1.5-9.5m
Outer Diameter of Finished Pipe:150-600mm
Max.Drawn Thickness:42mm
Main Oil Cylinder:630*280*10000
Max Pressure of System:31.5mpa
Working Pressure of System:26mpa
Main Motor:90*3kw
Origin:Jiangsu,Wuxi, China (Mainland)

Cold Drawbench Product Description
Hydraulic drawing machine is designed and developed by our company based on our many-year experiences of production and exploitation.
Our company mainly focuses on producing "LIGUO" Cold drawing machine,Vertical and horizontal tube and rod straightening machine, Coil straightening cutting machineļ¼ŒInverted drawing machine.They are the profession machines to make seamless steel tube, cold-drawing steel, machining copper, machining metal and drawing metal.

Cold Drawbench Features:
Hydraulic drawing machine implement the strongly tensile or broaching for (bronze. Stainless steel. Iron. Silver. Aluminum) tube (bar) material.
In the normal condition of the machine, implement the tensile strength to the ferrous metal materials (bar, tube) and non-ferrous materials (bar, pipe), it can also pull the steel, hexagonal and other shaped material, which is the professional equipment for drawing-based steel mills, steel plants, the standard factory and other machinery industries.

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