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Single Chain New Profiled Hollow Steel Tube Cold Drawing Machine for sale
- Mar 06, 2017 -

Single Chain Cold Drawbench Product Detail


(1). Drawing of the steel tube high concentricity

Due to the hydraulic transmission smooth operation, on the structure and to ensure the drawing force cable and steel pipe axis, axis, axis core rod of the same inside and outside, which improved the precision of products, do not produce radial runout, its high alignment and straightness.

(2). Simple structure, convenient manufacturing

The type of cold drawn pipe bender parts are simple cross section, easy to processing. Another prestressed frame structure of the frame to improve the machine's strength, rigidity and bearing capacity.

(3). Simple equipment foundation

Due to the cylinder block, mold base and the tailstock is made up of eight four bracing tube and rod components into a whole, under the action of working load, within the framework of pulling tension in the closed, the foundation not bear pulling machine working load, only equipment under weight, thereby saving a lot of equipment foundation.

(4) Stepless speed regulation

Hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve integrated block work, drawing speed can be smooth adjustment in a wider scope, operation is flexible and convenient.

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