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Straightener | Straightener | Drawbench | Domestic Steel Prices Continue Decline
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Last week, the overall situation is more cautious in the second quarter. Mid-May price is not adjusted, but in May month settlement price will face more substantial downward adjustment. Local steel price and the market price prevailing in upside down, later further downward price pressure on steel. Inventory, according to West new route data, straightener straightening | | | from wire, cold-drawing steel, hot-rolled coil, cold rolled sheet, plate, five varieties, comprehensive national inventories last week amounted to 16.723 million tons, reducing 157,400 tons, fell to 0.93%. Construction of steel areas only, East, North, Northwest and Northeast China is still slowly reducing their positions South China market weekly increase to 16,000 tons, which is the local steel prices, an important reason for the most vulnerable.